Please note that activities related to Bitcoins, etc are not acceptable by our Compliance policy and although we do understand that the client is not directly involved in this activity the source of at least some of the funds that would be remitted to the bank account may be related to such activity. Therefore, we do not feel comfortable with this client and will therefore unfortunately not be able to assist

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TMS FZE will form your RAK offshore company quickly & efficiently. There is no need for you to visit the UAE to set up your RAK company as we will take care of all the necessary formalities on your behalf.

We offer very competitive prices whilst providing flexible and fully professional services.

We are a licensed corporate services provider (registered agent) offering  RAK Offshore company formation services.

Why choose RAK and not another Emirate?

Cost and convenience

RAK Offshore companies are considerably cheaper to form than their equivalents in Dubai and the other Emirates.

Simple Formalities

RAK offshore companies are easy to form. Just one director and one shareholder is required.

Privacy of information

There is no public record of the directors and shareholders at the company registry. The registry does not ask for beneficial owner information.

Not on any blacklist.

No public record.

No accounts filing requirements.

$ 2,875With NO hidden costsCompany formation

No taxes.

Banking services:

We offer banking introduction both within the UAE and worldwide.  

For the UAE we offer an introduction service, however a personal visit by the shareholder is necessary. We also offer introductions to a number of banks worldwide where no personal visit is required (remote opening).

Services included:


Formation of your company

Registered office address  for one year

Registered agent services for one year

All government / registry fees for the first year

Certificate of incorporation

Memorandum and Articles of Association

Share Certificate(s)

Register of directors and shareholders

Company stamp

Courier of company documents to you

Corporate Service Provider’s
Licence No. L1 04 15 427

Your Oasis in the Emirates Incorporate your company in UAE (Ras Al Khaimah) - start saving taxes today. Incorporate today

‘Hatta Mountains, UAE’